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Eat less, move more. Consuming fewer calories and burning more by long hours at the gym, will get us to lose weight, right? Well at least, that’s the bigstock-food-fish-unsaturated-fats-52226848theory behind most diet plans.

Let us be clear – We differ on this view point.

We like to concentrate more on what we eat rather than how much we eat. Our diet has the beautiful way of keeping our fats intact to burn more calories. These are cheatcodes which kick off mindless eating, cheat day cravings and much more.
So let’s learn the secrets to burn more fat.

Crack those Fat Cells

Rule No 1: Never try working against your body – you simply cannot win over. Instead work with your body. Before we delve deeper, Let us try understand what causes our body to store calories as fat, instead of burning them for energy?

The trickster – Insulin, a hormone our pancreas secrete to digest foods. When you eat a meal full of processed carbohydrates, our insulin levels sky rocket as your body digests the carbs and immediately stores most of the glucose (sugar) in the form of fat cells. Processed carbs are food sources like breads and bakery goods. This low burn ratio of the ingested carbs results in peak and crash of insulin levels resulting in frequent hunger strikes.

Our solution: Eat more fat. Seems counter intuitive… but yes you heard it right… Eat more fat… Catch point here is: Eat healthy sources of fat. Foods rich in fat make you feel satisfied, helping you maintain food timing and regulate insulin levels. Without insulin highs and lows, your blood sugar is more stable and your body can access the fuel it has stored in your fat cells.

Where to start
Substituting a sizeable portion of your carbs with healthy fats, meaning fats in fish, olive oil, nuts, avocados. As always eat right at the right time.

Until my next blog, this is Divya signing-out. Stay Fit and Stay Happy.

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Divya Gnanasekaran
Wellness and Nutrition Head – RE-FIT @ Take Diversion

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