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It gives us great pleasure to publish this blog on behalf of one of our esteemed customers who had an awesome experience pbblog1recently at Take Diversion’s RE-LOAD Paintball arena. We are humbled by your compliments and well written as well.

Chennai as we all know is a great city, however the options for entertainment and outings are limited. Between shopping, going to restaurants and watching cinema; there really isn’t too many options within the city to do. So when I heard about Take Diversion from a friend and its paintball arena, I quickly called them up to find out more about it.

Take Diversion is conveniently located on the 200 feet road in Pallavaram, a whole lot easier to access than its counterparts that are outside city limits. With easy navigation via Google Maps, I managed to gather a few friends in a day and booked a game for us to play.

They call it Re-Load, aptly named for a paintball game, and the entire game setup is under the roof so it is easy to play, both day and night. Initially I thought I had to gather a large group to play paintball, but Take Diversion accommodates small groups as well like even 4 people.

pbblog2The paintball field is setup somewhat similar to a war-field. We were give a briefing first on the safety aspects, the rules of the games, the type of game options they had and the package we wanted to choose. I chose a 50 ball game package with an option to top-up anytime during the games. Once we suited up and put on the safety gear like a full army dress like thing, a face mask a chest gear etc; we were led into the arena and split into two teams to go against each other. I also opted for a go-pro cam to record the game on a memory stick which I can then share with my friends later on.

We played two 15 minute games in about 45 minute’s time with couple of breaks in between. Unlike other places I have played paintball, this place did not eliminate players, we had a points system so, everyone kept playing till the ammo ran out or we had to stop to re-load. This was a whole lot more fun then my other experiences.

I have never had so much fun with my gang, this was exhilarating and we were constantly strategizing how to win more points. Despite losing both the games to the other team; we had super fun. Take Diversion took photos, posted on facebook, shared high-res images with us online and whats more I had the complete game on video.

The café at Take Diversion was also decent, I highly recommend the cold coffee, mojitos. I hope to be back soon at Take Diversion to try out the night game under lights and also take the RC cars for a spin on their track.

Thanks Take Diversion for an awesome experience.

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