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Escape Rooms @ Take Diversion

Take Diversion brings it’s first Escape Rooms, Great-Escape. We host 2 thematically designed to reflect real life scenarios & ambiance.

Countdown to Freedom

In the mysterious jungles of Sarkovia, your team gets captured by a local arms dealer group in a jungle camp, You have to recover intelligence material, escape from your prison and help your army plan an exfil operation. Choose the clues left by your unknown friend carefully for a successful mission.

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The country of Galfona is in turmoil in the midst of deep social unrest. Unequal opportunities and investment distribution among fellow states has enraged activist groups to send out a clear message to their government – “TREAT YOUR CITIZENS EQUAL”. Angry activists plant a bomb in an unknown location. You and your team of elite police squad are entrusted to diffuse the bomb. Brush up your math skills before you enter this bomb site.

Difficulty Level 

Game Format:

Maximum time – 30 minutes per game
1. Play as a team of 3 – 5 players
2. No mobile phones or any electronic gadgets allowed inside the room
3. Safety Exit alarm in all rooms
4. Thematic room design with close to real life scenarios

Game Time: 11 am to 7 pm. Please help us to serve you better by booking your game slot in advance. Call us on 73977-98784 / 73977-98785 to book your slot in advance.

Call us at +91-7397798784 / +91 7397798785 for bookings

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