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Have you heard about paintball? For freshers, it is a sport and a game where teams battle it out to eliminate opponent players by hitting them with dye-filled, breakable, gelatin paintballs shot from a carbon dioxide or compressed air powered “paintball marker”.

Give us a chance to change your view of this fun sport….tn_IMG_3701
Paintball is played as a professional sport and also a fun gaming activity. It is quite a safe game to play unlike popular myth by those who haven’t tried the sport yet.

There are a few paintball arenas in Chennai, however Take Diversion arena hosts RE-LOAD- the only indoor paintball arena with strategic, immersive and experience based game play.

Now to the surprise part – Paintball, besides being a fun and adrenaline pumping adventure experience; is a great fitness activity with lots of fun and color. Here are our top reasons WHY.

Let’s break the monotonous:
You don’t have time to hit the gym?
You get easily bored by the monotony of workout routines?
Wanna knock off calories while having a gala time with your friends?0

tn_IMG_5975The game involves crawling, diving, sprinting, dodging and shooting. The game is so fast paced and strategic, you get so caught up in the action that you don’t even realize how the body is benefiting.

Endurance and strength: Paintball provides a platform for a great cardiovascular workout and increase in stamina. It is not just your heart that is getting a great workout but also your legs, your arms holding the marker and your core for stability.
Stress buster: Exerting the thrill in one good paintball game could be so exhilarating to let the frustration out and releasing relaxing hormones to refresh your mind and body.

It is an outdoor: It is always better for your mind and body to be outdoor having a go at an activity that is going to help you burn calories.

Fun and Great Memories: In the end, it is pure fun to simply play paintball. It works at various levels on your mind and body creating great memories with friends or family.

Until my next blog, this is Divya signing-out. Stay Fit and Stay Happy.

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Divya Gnanasekaran
Wellness and Nutrition Head – RE-FIT @ Take Diversion

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