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This brown little tiny guy belongs to the mint family and is widely available in South America (Now you know why it is pricey here). This super food of recent times is a favorite among all fitness enthusiasts, so let’s debunk few facts on it and know why.

Big surprises in small packages: Never ever judge by the size of this tiny little one because it has got super nutrients which are perfectly ideal for someone who is looking to lose weight. It is packed with ideal digestible carbs, fiber for fullness, manganese magnesium, and phosphorus for bone strength and loaded with antioxidants.

Protein: Good amount of protein is available in these seeds which in comparison to other plant based sources is quite high. Sufficient protein intake will reduce appetite which in turn will cut down on false hunger pangs. So it is a good pick if you are someone who does not want to eat animal proteins.

Versatility: Yes, chia seeds can fit into any recipe of yours. It does not have a distinctive taste so it easily merges with water or fats. It creates a gel like consistency once it is mixed with water. There is a recommendation though ideal allowance is 20 gms a day otherwise your abdomen may go a little grumpy.

Final touch: Chia seeds are always considered forits high omega 3 fatty acids but they are not active type fatty acids so it won’t get assimilated that easily. If you are one who consume chia seeds for omega, then stick to your fish guys.

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