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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Hey guys!!! Finally Varadha fever is subsiding with the city slowly returning to normalcy. Chennai always bounces back with more power and strength than any other city I know. But many fitness friends missed on our masti workouts due to the cyclone. So let’s do a few hacks to stay fit during odd weathers or if you are not able to make it for the workout due to personal or natural reasons.

Early bird: Just because you don’t have a scheduled workout for the day it doesn’t mean it is extra time for sleep. It disturbs the whole metabolism by waking up late and then ending up having a brunch. This is a Big NO as the whole system gets confused because of inconsistency, messing up your entire day.

Surroundings: Use your surroundings like your stairs in your apartment, your terrace if possible to get some workout done. Get creative and stay active all around and all throughout the day. Research says that if you are lazing around on your couch for more than an hour the body tends to get more sluggish and develops a tendency to put on weight, so keep moving.

Eat smart: Nothing fancy guys just keep a check on your quality, quantity and timing, basically it’s your pattern of eating that matters the most.  If you are able track these three mantras you are good to go! Don’t ever go too less on calories just because you haven’t done workout for the day. Fueling your body is the most essential criteria to stay fit

Partyyyy: It is not about the drinks guys. It is all about the dancing, singing and fun time with your gang. Seriously it does kicks off some stubborn calories.

Fluids: HYDRATING is the simplest of all hacks and your body loves it. The more hydrated you are the more pumped up you will be. It can be plain water, fruit infused water, buttermilk, tender coconut water gulp it down.

This new year, stay active, drink less, and have loads of fun. Start your 2017 New Year fitness resolution today. Every day is a good day for fitness.

Until my next blog, this is Divya signing-out. Stay Fit and Stay Happy.

Divya Gnanasekaran
Wellness and Nutrition Head – RE-FIT @ Take Diversion

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