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Spice Tales Restaurant

The foundation of Spice Tales is a blend of gastronomy at its finest and passion to make our customers smile. We don’t just believe in plating good food, but we go the extra mile to make your senses tingle with happiness.

Our passion for food germinates with the need to innovate and create unique experiences for our customers. When we think food, we think about customer experience, plating, taste, and mostly awakening your senses.

The Spice Tales Food Philosophy revolves around a dynamic menu that constantly experiments to not just improve our existing menu but also to add new dishes that result in new experiences.

Spice Tales uses the finest ingredients with trained hands to serve you dishes topped with artistic love. Spice Tales’s ambiance has been designed to bring families and friends together to have a relishing time. Our 60 covers dine-in is spacious with a relaxing atmosphere.

Customer Testimonial on Where Chennai Eats:

Hello WCE ppl.

This is my first review here. Please ignore if any blunders.

Long post alert…!!

I would like to review this in two ways.
First will be as normal guy n other will be from the chef inside me.
( Being a professional chef cnt help it.)

Where: RE The Restaurant,
200 feet road, near vels University.

Some info abt the resto: A 35- 40 cover restaurant. It serves continental, indian n south indian cuisine.
As i enter into resto. The first impression was good. The place was quite, lighting was just perfect with low volume awesome old love hindi songs. ( Perfect place for ppl who loves to have food in caim place)

What: i decided to try indian cusine.
✓panner lababdar
✓butter naan n
✓fried icecream.
PANNER LABABDAR was good in taste with soft soft panner piece in it. Quantity was more than enough for one person.

(But the chef inside me was unhappie with d presentation. The gravy was brown in colour instead of red.
Then took a spoon full, taste was good and loved the panner, so soft. The gravy was good with the perfect amount of spice in it.

BUTTER NAAN was awesome. Perfectly done .the naan just melts in ur mouth.

( Chef : I would say, the best naan i ever had in chennai. Soft, fluffy, with correct amount of suger added. In total the perfect naan. Unlike other resto, not rubbery).

FRIED ICECREAM: ordered it as found in menu. One of my fav. Desserts. But, as it arrived to my table. I was like wdf!!.
It was looking gud. I just dug into it. The shell was very delicate n easily cut open shell n chocolate icecream showed up. Tasted gud with hint of coconut and sweatness of the crust.
(Chef: The simple dish, missed perfection.
scoops of chololate ice cream coated with dessicated coconut and biscuit crumbs( very thin coating) i personally like thick coating. Little over fried.(melted d ice cream).

Service: 4/5
Atmosphere: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Music: 4.5/5

Overall: 4/5

One more visit awaits to try the continental. Specially there starter n pasta.

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Mr. Shiva Kumar

Chef, Hyatt Regency Chennai

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