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weight1Really, do you expect me to lift weights when am here for weight loss? Isn’t this supposed to be Level N in this game? Yeah, yet another musing for a first time forced fitness addict…

But then being blessed with an adamant trainer can be frustrating sometimes… I took up the burden of weight training upon me…
With time and some hard-pushed workout sessions later i realized, my trainer kind of makes sense this time..
Here s how i was proved wrong on my assumptions on weight training

Tight fit

Weight training helped me tighten and tone my muscles after the enervating cardio episode. Our body needs these traumatic training sessions to balance strength build up with weight loss.

weight2Room for perfection

Working out in general allows little room for awkwardness, but weight lifting gets you to perfect every tiny aspect of working out – posture, balance and yes some grace definitely helps.

Mind your numbers

For the number people like me, it was much simpler to know if i was doing any better with the weight and count More on numbers. The slop-side of this is fitness freaks in your workout place dueling for competitions every week. While the starts can be deeply detrimental to your confidence, it kind of forces you to start competing and groom the fighter in you.


The Bad day benefit

I can bet a million dollars on Weightlifting to be the best remedy for a bad boss office day. It just vents all that work pressure out of the way before you get back to the grind.

The Fa(c)t

Contrary to my thoughts, weight training actually helped me burn more fat than cardio. With right schedule planning from your trainer, it can be the perfect complementary activity to cardio.

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